Equipment & Accessories


-Canon PIXMA PRO-1

-Canon EOS 60D (ML)

-Lenses EF 50 mm/EFs 18-55mm/EFs 55-250mm/Preset 500mm & 800-1600mm

-10'x20' Backdrops (W/B/G)

-2x Soft Box Light Diffusers

-2x Umbrella Lighting (W/B)

-Varios Flashes/LEDs/Bulbs

-Sekonic L-758C Light Meter


-ColorMunki Display/X-Rite Colorchecker Passport Screen/Print Calibration Kit

-Aperture 2.4Ghz Wireless Remote View/Trigger system

-24x Cokin P Filter Kit

-13mm/21mm/31mm Macro Extension Tubes, Reflectors Various Other Studio Equipment

Shooting Area Size

-10'Wx15'Lx8'H Indoor

-Outdoor/Mobile (Options Available on Request)

Call to book a session or visit the calendar below to make sure we are available